Tossing Out the Resolution – A 5 Step Approach to Hitting Your Goals

Tossing Out the Resolution – A 5 Step Approach to Hitting Your Goals

I had a friend in college who would make a resolution every year and actually stick to it — the only person I’ve ever known to do so.  One year, she gave up cheese. Another year, it was sugar.  She actually lasted 365 days with each resolution.  It’s an amazing person who gives up sugar and makes it through finals!

I used to make New Years Resolutions every year.  I always started on the 2nd because who wants to start on the 1st, a ‘holiday’.  Then, I lasted about 5 days until something derailed my plan.  Because I wasn’t ‘perfect’, I decided the resolution was a bad idea and I quit.

Have you successfully ‘completed’ a New Years Resolution or know anyone who has?  Do you try every year and quit like I did?  Or, have you stopped making them?

I’m thinking resolutions set most of us up to fail.  I’m 100% in favor of setting goals but I’m going for the non-resolution approach.

A lot of these elements worked for me last year and I’m excited to put them all together in 2017, to see where it leads.

  1. Choose 1-3 goals (not 10) and write them down
    • Decide what will make the biggest impact and choose that goal, or couple of goals.  This will help provide focus.  I’ve seriously made 10 resolutions before and couldn’t even remember what they were, let alone stick to them….
    • I like the idea of one each for health, profession/finances and family.
    • Write them down somewhere you can see them frequently, esp. first thing in the morning.
  2. Decide what ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’ looks like for each goal
    • In order to avoid the trap of all or nothing, write out the goals and what would be good, better and best outcomes.
    • I LOVE this because it helps me overcome my perfection-itis.
  3. Start with what you want to accomplish in 12 weeks
    • It’s much less daunting to make set goals in 3 month increments.
    • This gives a chance to re-evaluate and adjust at the end of each cycle.
  4. Decide what habits you need to create 
    • Write down the habits that you’ll want to create in order to meet each goal
    • Set up tracking for each habit.  I love the app ‘HabitShare’.  You can set up all your habits, check off as you complete them and see how you’re tracking on a calendar.  Aim toward progress, not perfection.
  5. Set up an accountability system
    • Find a friend or two who have the same goal in common.
    • Set up a system with them – how often you’ll check in, what you’ll do to check in (e.g. text a photo of your completed workout video) and how long it will last (30 days is a great start).

I hope these ideas help.  I’d love to hear more about your goals for 2017 and what strategies you’ll use to make them a reality.  Leave me a comment, I’m sure your ideas will help others too!


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