Some tools to assist with the “Miracle Morning”

Some tools to assist with the “Miracle Morning”

In my last blog post, I talked about the concept of a Miracle Morning (a book by Hal Elrod).  Here are some tools I’ve found that help with the routine Hal recommends.  I’ve combined the apps I mention below into a folder on my phone called ‘Miracle Morning’.  I’ve arranged them in the order that I use them in the AM.  Less thinking the better ?

  • Wake up 
    • I select some motivating music on my iPhone alarm.
    • I’m considering one of these rolling alarm clocks that I first saw on Shark Tank.  If you press snooze, it jumps off the nightstand and rolls around the room, while sounding a loud alarm.  This might be a great solution for my snooze button addiction…pretty sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate this!  Umiin Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels (Pink)
  • Start off in the first 5 minutes with a glass or two of water:
    • I love these amazing glass water bottles made by my friend’s daughter.  They are glass so they don’t have the toxins that are present in plastic or aluminum.  Plus, I always love supporting other entrepreneurs!
  • Silence: Start the day enjoying your water or coffee and not immediately jumping into electronics – emails, social media, etc.
    • I’ve been using a meditation called Meditation Studio (iTunes, $3.99 one-time download)
    • I’ve also heard great reviews of an app called Headspace (iTunes, $12.95 per month)
    • Or, you can search through YouTube to find the exact meditation that fits your current need.  There are 1000’s of options. (YouTube, free)
  • Affirmations: State what you want to be true as if it is already true. Do this out loud in a convincing voice and with a confident posture.
    • I have been using an app called Unique Daily Affirmations (iTunes, free)  
    • I’ve also tried (and like) Think Up (iTunes, free + in-app purchases)
  • Visualization: visualize your goals, dreams and aspirations.  What will it feel like, what will it look like, when they come true.
    • I’ve created a vision board with photos and quotes related to the goals I’m working to accomplish.  
    • I have also written a few paragraphs that vividly describe what my life and our family life will be like in 90 days, 1 year and 5 years as I/we accomplish my/our goals.  (When I say vivid, I mean down to what I’m wearing and what the weather is that day).  I read this out loud.
    • An easy option if you don’t want a vision board or if you travel a lot and won’t be home to look at the board, is to create a simple photo album on your phone with images that relate to your vision.
    • I’ve tried a few apps for visualization but haven’t found any I like yet, have you?
  • Exercise:
    • This one is personal preference on what you like for exercise.
    • I have just been stretching and then trying to fit in a longer workout later during the day.
  • Reading:  hammer out 5-10 pages of a book you’ve been wanting to read.
    • I’ve been reading a lot of personal development books.
    • I like saving books on my Amazon Wish List as I see recommendations, so I can go back and pull them when I’m ready for a new book.
  • Scribing: journaling to brainstorm your ideas, write out your gratitudes, just write as things come to you
    • I use a soft-cover three ring binder with 3-hole punched paper so I can move it around/organize it later.
    • Some people enjoy buying beautiful, hard-cover books to journal.  It’s all about your style.  (I’m almost always function over style).

I’d love to hear about other great tools you’ve found for these routines.  Please leave a comment below.

Next Steps ➡ Take Action

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* Note: the Amazon links above are affiliate links.  I’m not recommending these items to be paid, but because I truly use and love them.  If you want to try them, I’d appreciate you using my link.

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