One Simple Trick to Re-Ignite Your Goal-Getting

One Simple Trick to Re-Ignite Your Goal-Getting

Ways to motivate yourself - Crushing Motherhood

Simple way to Motivate Yourself

Have you lost some momentum? try this simple trick to motivate yourself

I’ve started on YouTube! Do you like watching videos or reading? I’m experimenting with both and would love to hear your preference.

Anyway, in this first video, I share my one quick tip for re-igniting your motivation. It’s a simple way to motivate yourself.

Have you made up excuses , as to why you can take a break from your goal-getting?

I don’t know about you, but my progress really slowed down when the Olympics started. I started making up stories for myself that the winter Olympics are rare and more important than working toward my goals. I ended up plopping down on the couch each evening instead of spending time (even 20 minutes) working toward my bigger goals.  

I’m not saying taking a break for 30 minutes or even an hour isn’t okay. It is. But seriously, did I need to spend 3 hours watching sports like curling that I didn’t even understand?

Then, when the Olympics were over, I started making up stories in my head as to why I shouldn’t do this or that. It started to snowball into a mind game, yikes!

Have you done this to yourself?

1 simple trick to get back onto the goal-getting train

In this video, I share my 1 tip for getting back into action.  In short, it’s about finding your WHY as one of the ways to motivate yourself.

Yes, you’ve probably heard this before. I know I have and it seemed so fluffy and quite frankly, like a bunch of guru bs that isn’t really practical. I”m not talking about world peace. Don’t get me wrong, world peace would be amazing but most of us can’t wrap our arms around how we could set a goal that would lead to world peace. It’s too big.

Hear me out.

One Simple Trick to Reignite Your Goal Getting


Find your ‘stop-in-your-tracks’ reason for wanting to reach the goal you set

If you can find your ‘stop-in-your-tracks’ reason for reaching your goal, you can make it unstoppable. You know, a reason that stops you cold and resets you back on track almost immediately.

Let me give you an example. 

I set a goal earlier in January of shedding the holiday pounds I gained. Instead of losing weight, I ended up gaining weight in January and February. I hadn’t set a good enough reason in my mind for giving up the nachos!

Then, in March, my four year-old (I call him the fournado) asked me why I wouldn’t play with him. You see, I was feeling such low energy from the bad food I was eating, and the extra weight, that I was wanting to take a nap in the few minutes of afternoon down-time, instead of playing games with the fournado.

I felt like a total mom failure! But, the good news is that hearing that sweet little voice ask “why won’t you play with me” set my ‘stop-in-your-tracks” reason for wanting to lose weight. It is my why.

So, every time I’m in the mood to eat a plate of nachos or devour some cake, I immediately think of the fournado saying “mom, why won’t you play with me?” and I remember WHY I’m trying to lose weight and achieve this goal.

What is your goal and what is your ‘stop-in-the-tracks’ reason for reaching it?

I hope this example helped clarify what a WHY could be and how you could use it to re-ignite your goal setting. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Think about the goals you set for this year and find a ‘stop-in-your-tracks’, ‘drop-the-mic’ reason, the WHY you want to reach each one of them. Create your WHY for each of the goals.

Or, if you can’t think of a ‘stop-in-your-tracks’, ‘drop-the-mic’ reason, for a goal, then I would recommend you pick a new goal. Not being able to identify a true, moving reason for wanting to reach a goal is a clear indication that it is not the right time for that goal.

If you’re still feeling stuck

Send me a note via the ‘Contact Me’ page. I’ve been coaching other moms to find their ‘Why’ and would love to talk to you, to get to know you, and see if I might be able to help you as well.

Drop your ‘stop-in-the-tracks’ / WHY reason below.

I can’t wait to hear the ‘stop-in-the-tracks’ reasons you identify for each of your goals. Share them below to inspire other moms who want to crush motherhood.

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