Not Enough Time in the Day? Try This Simple Tip.

Not Enough Time in the Day? Try This Simple Tip.

The 15 Minute List


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  • Do you feel like there’s not enough time in the day?
  • Do you ever blow off 15 minutes when you have a short window between meetings or activities?
  • What if you used that time intentionally, to get something quick done, to complete a habit, or even to decompress (in an intentional way)
  • How to Create and Use a 15 Minute List
  • A List of Forty-One 15 Minute Examples for You

Do You Ever Just Blow Off 15 Minutes?

What do you usually do when you have a free 15 minutes?

Do you feel like it’s not that much time to get anything done, so why start anything new?

It doesn’t seem like enough time to get anything done, and so most of us let it pass by.

But, then it feels like there’s not enough time to get it all done.

I know I will often blow off time in between meetings, in the rare instance one ends early, and I have a little break in between. Or, I’ll check social media when I have 15 minutes in between kids activities.

How do you use those 15 minute blocks you get here and there throughout the day?

What If Using Those Extra 15 Minutes Is All We Need?

I find my clients (and myself sometimes) saying that there just isn’t enough time to fit everything in, that there’s not enough time.

But, what if there was enough time and we’re just not using the time we have to our fullest advantage?

I got to thinking recently….these 15 minute “breaks” can really add up throughout the day. For example, if there were just four of those 15 minute “breaks” in the day that you started using and hadn’t before, that would be an extra hour of productivity!

How Can We Use the “Free” 15 Minutes Without Feeling Even More Overwhelmed and Exhausted?

The next question I often hear is, how do we leverage those 15 minutes without a bunch of planning or scheduling?

And, how can we take advantage of those 15 minute blocks without adding to our overwhelm? Does this sound familiar — you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and it just goes faster and faster throughout the day. When you get an ‘extra’ 15 minutes you weren’t expecting, the last thing you want to do is to fit something else in, and make it feel like the wheel never ends.

Sometimes we just need to take those 15 minutes to decompress.

And that can be true. But, what if you used those 15 minutes more intentionally?

The 15 Minute List

I have an experiment for you, to get more done in the day.

Create a list of everything you could do in just 15 minutes. I have given you a cheat sheet list of examples in the download below.

1. Think about your goals and what quick activities you could be doing to get closer to those goals.

For example, if your goal is to improve your health, you could put these on your 15 minute list:

  • Meditate for 15 minutes
  • Complete a quick 7 minute workout
  • Take a quick walk

Or, if your goal is to spend more time with your kids, what if you wrote down each kid’s name on the list and promised to spend 15 minutes dedicated to that one only (with no distractions like electronics) for 15 minutes? I know 15 minutes might sound miniscule for bonding time, but if we really add up the time we spend on a daily basis without distractions, I bet for most of us it’s less than 15 minutes.

2.  Also, think about the activities you dread doing but have to get done. Break them down into 15 minute tasks and put them on your list. Any of us can do something for 15 minutes. And, if you hammer out a few of those a day, you’ll have that dreaded thing done in no time.

3. Keep the list accessible. Pull out your 15 minute list the next time you have a few extra minutes and choose one to quickly accomplish.

4. Keep track of how many of these 15 minutes you have in a day, and you’ll be amazed. You’ll also be amazed at how much more you can squeeze in. I was!




  • Notice how you’re spending those 15 minute breaks – in between meetings, in between kids activities, etc.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much you could get done if you took advantage of these little pockets of time.
  • You’ll start to feel relief from that “there’s not enough time in the day” feeling.
  • Write out a 15 Minute list of everything you could do in just 15 minutes (include habits, tasks that match back to your goals, even quick tasks related to work you dread)
  • Use the list next time you have a 15 minute window.
  • Keep track of how many of these 15 minutes you use in a day and a week. You’ll be amazed!
  • Download my list of 41 Things You Can Accomplish in 15 Minutes or Less

Did You Know?

I’m a success coach for working moms. I work with other moms to create and execute the mindset, strategies and routines that are required get out of survival mode and achieve your goals, both personally and professionally.

Think of it as a re-set for ambitious moms who want to maximize what they do, who they are, and all they impact to make the most out of life.

The first step is to meet for half an hour to talk about your goals, obstacles and mini action plan. If you want to create your own mini action plan, here’s the link to schedule the free session on my calendar

I’ll coach you through building the plan and identifying your next steps. Then, we’ll talk for a few minutes at the end about what I do and if we might be good working together. I’m not a salesperson so don’t expect a sales call. I only accept clients who are a good fit.

This is time focused on you and your goals, and how to get to the next level. 

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