Water is a key to overall health and curbing cravings

Water is a key to overall health and curbing cravings

Are you drinking enough water?

Many of us have started the year with health-related goals.

One thing I always focus on, regardless of my goal, is water intake.  I used to derive my daily water from 8-10 diet cokes a day.  Wow, that was a bad habit!  Awhile back, I cut out soda and started focusing on increasing my water.  It has helped appetite control, energy and I’m sure my overall health.

I will say, it is still a struggle to drink enough water in the day because my intake goals are pretty high.  Here’s what I do to help hit that daily number:

  1. First, I calculated how much I should drink.
    • I divided my weight by 2 and that’s the # of ounces I drink a day.  So, let’s say I weigh 100 lbs (I don’t but this is easy math), I would drink 50 oz a day.
    • On days that I workout, I drink 8 oz before the workout and another 8 oz during the workout.  My body needs some extra water to replenish so I don’t count this as part of the daily total.
  2. Then, I figured out what would help me reach that goal.  If I left it up to chance, I would forget until bedtime and then try to slam down as much as I could….  Instead, here’s what I do:
    • Drink 16 oz when I wake up in the morning.  If it’s cold, I drink hot water with a little lemon.  Great wake-me-up.
    • I drink one 8oz glass with each meal.  I eat 5 times a day so that’s 40 oz.
    • I switch between tap water and carbonated or sparkling water.  I might need to consider getting one of those soda stream machines.  That La Croix really adds up!

I hope this helps.  It’s a super simple, often-overlooked way to help improve our health.

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