Need to conquer a goal that’s been elusive? Try this approach…

Need to conquer a goal that’s been elusive? Try this approach…

30 Day Challenge Ideas - Crushing Motherhood

kick-start your goal-getting

30 day challenges aren't just for exercise

Do you set the same goal for yourself over and over, and struggle to reach it time and time again?

Do you have a goal that you keep putting on your list, determined to reach it this time but only to continuously fall short?

You’re not alone! This happens to all of us, in large part because it’s challenging to replace one habit, or set of habits, with another habit(s) required to reach that goal.

I know I personally have tried over and over and over again to become a morning person. I wanted that peace of mind that comes from starting off the day really early, knocking out an exercise routine and completing the day’s most important tasks before the family circus wakes up and spins me back into reality.

It’s difficult to replace one long-standing habit with another habit!

I tried everything –

  • multiple alarm clocks scattered throughout the room,
  • an angry alarm app called Carrot that insults you if you press the snooze button
  • repeating affirmations the night before, assuring myself that I would wake up at 5am successfully
  • making an appointment with a friend to meet at the gym (and then cancelling)

None of these tricks worked. I tried all of this for over a year and never became a morning person until I implemented this one approach I’m about to share with you….

This blog isn’t specifically about how to become a morning person, although that’s a great goal.

This blog is focused on the one tool you can use to replace any habit with another habit, to reach a goal that you’ve set for yourself.

The one approach that can help you replace almost any habit with a new & improved habit

how to motivate yourself The tool I used to become a morning person is a 30 day challenge. I told myself I was going to get up early for 30 days straight, complete the Miracle Morning routine, and post about it online for accountability. And, I did it!

And…it felt so great that I’ve continued with that same routine for almost a year now. I won’t go back to that habit of having the kids wake me up and feeling already behind in the day and frazzled as I struggle to get them fed and to school.

(Full disclosure: I sometimes still struggle with getting them to school on-time but that’s because I am trying to pack in too much to my morning, and I need to slow down the pace and focus on just them. But, that’s another problem to conquer for another day 🤷‍♀️)<

Why a 30-day challenge can be the answer for you.

Have you tried a 30 day challenge before? I mean really tried a 30 day challenge?

In today’s blog, I talk about why a 30 day challenge can work as a way to create a new habit, and thus reach the goal you’ve been wanting to hit so badly.

Keep your eye out over the next few weeks as I share more tips on how to really make the 30 day challenge work for you.

Isn’t a 30 day challenge just for exercise?

30 day challenges are most commonly known for exercise regimens –

  • 30 days to 6 pack abs,
  • 30 days to a Brazilian bootie,
  • 30 days to lose the muffin top…..

I’m sure you’ve heard all of these and more.

And, the 30 day challenges do work when you want to establish a exercise-related habit.

But they also work for any habit you’re trying to replace.  Here are some examples:

  • becoming a morning person,
  • implementing a meditation practice in your life,
  • drinking more water, 
  • being more present as a mom, wife and friend

List of 30 Day Challenges - Just Imagine the Confidence and Sense of Accomplishment You'll Feel After You Complete The First One!

30 day challenge

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Why use a 30 day challenge to replacing my habit(s)?

There’s actually some psychology behind this idea.

  1. You’re just committing to 30 days, not the rest of your life. This 30 day approach lets you trick your brain into embracing the new habit and not feeling overwhelmed that you’re giving up [insert whatever habit you want to replace] FOREVER. You tell yourself that you are only making a short-term change and to only continue for longer if you feel better or improved in some way.
  2. Many studies show it takes 66 days to make a new habit permanent. So, if you’re able to conquer two consecutive challenges plus a few days in between, you’ve hit that 66 day mark, built some momentum, and have a very high chance of long-term success!
  3. The 30-day approach is a great way to build momentum. Have you heard the saying “success begets success”?
    • Successfully finishing your 30 day goal can give you the confidence to keep going. 
    • For example, If you have a health-related goal, you could start by setting a goal to drink 100oz of water daily for 30 days, then add on walking for 30 days, and then more strenuous exercise, and so on. It can be a building block of sorts, a way to stack great habits onto each other for long-term success.

I’ve tried 30 day challenges before and they haven’t worked for me. Who are you kidding?

Have you started a 30 day challenge before and hit day 5 or 15 or even 25 and just stopped abruptly, thinking this isn’t for you?

I’ve done that before! I just tried again and it finally stuck. I found that it worked for my “become a morning person” goal and after I conquered that, I moved on to add the next 30 day goal. It is kind of fun picking a new 30 day focus for each month.

  • So, maybe you didn’t pick the ‘right’ 30 day focus for that time inhow to motivate yourself your life? Maybe you picked a really hard one to start (like giving up sugar for 30 days when you’ve been living on sugar up to that point).
  • Maybe you didn’t have all the tools in place to set yourself up for success? (Tune into the blog next week when I’ll share a list of 10+ ways to make a 30 day challenge successful).

Why try this now?

Now is the perfect time to try a 30 day challenge. It’s the winter and there are a lot less distractions than in the summer. 

But really, anytime is a great time to start. It doesn’t need to be the beginning of the month, or even the beginning of the week. Just start now and keep going for 30 days. Treat it as an experiment and see what happens and how you feel when it’s over. 

The worst thing that can happen is you finish the 30 days and realize that new habit didn’t lead to the results that you were expecting. You can go back to what you were doing before or you could try something different. It’s just an experiment, no pressure.

What should I do next?

Look at the goal you’d like to achieve and then decide what habit(s) will important to help you reach that goal. Pick out 1 of the habits and set your mind to doing that thing for the next 30 days. That’s it. 

Check out next week’s blog for 10+ tips on how to crush a 30 day challenge.

In the meantime, you might like this list of 30 day challenge ideas.  Download it for some inspiration. I think there are some ideas on here that you might not have considered but could be great momentum-creators for you!


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List of 30 Day Challenges - Just Imagine the Confidence and Sense of Accomplishment You'll Feel After You Complete The First One!

30 day challenge

Download the free list.

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