The Monthly Kick-Off Kit: Make Massive Progress This Month

The Monthly Kick-Off Kit: Make Massive Progress This Month

The Monthly Kick-Off Checklist

Monthly Kick-Off Kit - Crushing Motherhood


Look at the bottom of the post for a free Monthly Kick-Off Kit PDF template.

Do you have a monthly kick-off process?


The start of a new month offers so many possibilities!  Do you have a monthly checklist, or monthly kick-off kit, that helps you to focus your efforts for the month? Do you map out what you want to accomplish and how you’ll accomplish it?

I used to wing it, thinking I would take it day-by-day. I didn’t think I had time for goal-setting and certainly didn’t want to set goals just to end the month as a failure.

Can you relate?

What kind of goal-setter are you?

I’m curious, which of these 3 ways do you usually start off a new month?

  1. Set goals and push them all month
  2. Set goals and quickly forget them
  3. Skip the goals, I’ll just hope for the best

I used to be #2 and #3. I would either skip the goal-setting or pick a few goals and quickly forget them, falling back into old habits and routines. 

This changed everything for me, could it for you?

Then, I started working with a business & life coach who forced me to set monthly goals. We would meet for an hour at the beginning of each month and review a monthly checklist. We created an aggressive, yet reachable, plan.  Then, we would meet each week after that to discuss how I was tracking and adjust as needed.

That was a game-changer and I’ve had several coaches since that first.

I’ve accomplished more in the last year (and more of what truly matters) than I ever have in my life. And, that’s including so many more responsibilities on my plate.

If you don’t have a coach, then I recommend you find an accountability partner. Find someone who is truly committed, who matches your style, and who will be a great support system when you need it. You might also look for someone who will administer tough love as needed too!

One key has been to set a monthly theme

I have a yearly theme (this year it’s Clarity).  I’ve started setting a monthly theme too and it’s such a great way to center your focus, attention, and priorities on one common direction.

Last month, my theme was Massive Imperfect Action. And I embraced it. It was amazing how much I checked off my list. 

I pushed myself to do more than I usually would, keeping in mind it didn’t need to be perfect. It was more important to get it done at a B- level than to take twice the time to give myself an A+.

This month’s theme is Relentless Routines. It’s so fun to base all my actions around routine and refreshing my own practices, as well as the kid’s routines.

Choosing a theme is one of the steps in my monthly kick-off process. There are 5 steps in total.

So, how does the Monthly Kick-Off Process work? How can you use a monthly checklist to amplify your results?

Meet with yourself (and an accountability partner or coach if you have one….I have both) at the beginning of the month (I know that sounds a little dorky, but that’s okay, it works!).  Complete The Monthly Kick-Off Kit.

You can download a FREE Monthly Kick-Off Kit for yourself here:

Monthly Kick-Off Checklist

Download the Monthly Kick Off Checklist to Accelerate Your Goal-Getting

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Follow these 5 Steps:

First, write out your goals.Monthly Kick-Off Kit - Crushing Motherhood

Choose 1-2 goals for the month.

TIP: more than 1-2 goals are too many for a 30 day period and a recipe for going down in flames.


Then, describe what motivates you to accomplish the goal.

This is your driver behind accomplishing the goal and what will keep you going when you feel like it’s too hard and you want to quit.

Write out in detail why you’re motivated to accomplish the goal:

  • It could be a short-term deadline like — I want to finish this weight loss before I go on vacation.
  • Or, it could be that you have an accountability partner and you want to uphold your end of the agreement. You want to finish what you said you’d do and check in with her on a positive note.
  • Or, it could be more external like setting a good example for your kids in a specific way.

TIP: Make the reason, the WHY, as tangible and relatable as possible.

 Monthly Theme - Crushing Motherhood

Next, create an action plan 

Create an action plan that details all the steps to reach your goal. List out all the tasks, the estimated time to complete each, and a due date.  Make sure all the tasks can be completed by the end of the month. 

TIP: If it’s too big to fit into the month, I break the goal into a few parts, so that I can finish it in 30 days or less.


Then, set your theme. 

This is the fun part. Make it short (1-3 words) and make it memorable. This is a simple tool to use when you’re bogged down in the day-to-day responsibilities and start to forget the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.  A few ideas for themes are:

  • Relentless Routines
  • Massive Imperfect Action
  • Perfectly Present
  • Healthy Habits
  • Discipline & Drive

Have fun with the theme and make it your own. Be sure that it really resonates with you. 

TIP: I set an alarm on my phone each evening and label it ‘Relentless Routines’ for this month’s theme. Then, it goes off right at the time that I’m planning for the next day. It reminds me of my overall focus for the month and helps me to prioritize what I should and shouldn’t do.


Finally, pick your top 3.

Choose 3 actions that are non-negotiable for the month, as your monthly checklist. These are the three needle-movers that, even if you get nothing else done, these are the three things that will make a difference.


Complete this routine every month and you’ll see momentum build and results come more quickly

Set yourself a reminder to complete this Monthly Kick-Off Process, the monthly checklist, at the beginning of every month.

Find an accountability buddy and implement it together. You can meet at the first of the month to walk through the kick-off process together. And, then meet every week or two, to review your progress and discuss how to overcome any challenges you’ve hit.

I hope that you’ll see as many results as I have using this process!  Drop me a comment below and let me know what your monthly theme is!


Monthly Kick-Off Checklist

Download the Monthly Kick Off Checklist to Accelerate Your Goal-Getting

You'll also receive the Mother Crusher email guide and are able to unsub at any time.We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

Next Steps Take Action

  1. Download your Monthly Kick-Off Checklist (see the box above)
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