How to Get Control of Your To-Do List, Instead of It Controlling You

How to Get Control of Your To-Do List, Instead of It Controlling You

How to keep your to-do list from overwhelming you and from things falling through the cracks.

I hope your goals for the year are going well and you’re making steady progress toward them!  I want to share a tool that I have used consistently (almost daily) for the last 4 years.  It’s called Toodledo and it’s a great app/website for tracking a to do list.  Here’s how I use it:

  • Put to do items into the app as they pop into my head.  I try to avoid writing these down on sticky notes, random pieces of paper at all costs.  I always have the intention to capture those later and never do.  They get lost and I drop the ball.
  • Assign a due date.  I review the master list on Sundays and again each night for the next day and make sure I have either scheduled time to complete the tasks for that day or reschedule them.  
  • Break up big projects into small tasks.  For example, instead of one big task of ‘create baby book for the 3rd neglected child’, I broke this down into 12 tasks, one for each month of his first year and will finish the book over the course of a couple of weeks.
  • Set up recurring tasks.  I LOVE this feature.  For example, on the 5th of every month, I schedule myself to reconcile my statements for the prior month.


So many of us have great intentions to put these systems in place but never do. Or, we try and they don’t stick. I can help. Click here to APPLY for a (no cost) Strategy Session with me. We’ll talk through what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s holding you back, and create an ACTION PLAN for you.

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