How to maximize your stay at Great Wolf Lodge

How to maximize your stay at Great Wolf Lodge

What to buy, what to eat and how to maximize your investment at Great Wolf Lodge

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge last week for the first time.  I thought I’d share some tips on how what we learned.  (We live about 20 minutes away and we have 3 kids ages 6 and under so my thoughts are based on these factors)

  1.  We maximized our time at the water park.  Unless there’s a trick we haven’t yet learned, you have to be a hotel guest to go to the water park.
    • The water park bands are active from 1pm the day of check-in until 9pm the day of check-out.  We arrived at 12:30 so we could get checked in and over to the water park by 1.  We stayed as long as the three littles lasted on the day of check-out….4pm.
    • We skipped a lot of the other activities like putt-putt golf because we live close enough to go back anytime for those.  You don’t need to be a hotel guest for any of the activities outside the water park.
  2. The room can be as much fun as the water park to the kids.  Our boys were thrilled with the bunk beds and the TV in their area.  We spent some breaks up in the room, they thought it was so fun!  Reminds me not to take the little stuff for granted!
  3. Take advantage of discounts.  The hotel can get pretty pricey without discounts.
    • We took advantage of a grand opening special.
    • We got an email the day after we left with a 40% off code.  We’ll use that to book another stay later in the year.  I think going twice a year is more than enough.
    • Hopefully the hotel will offer some regular deals, I’ll keep my eye out for them and let you know if I see any.
  4. Skip the extra packages.  They try to sell you some various packages that include stuffed animals, books, a treasure hunt, etc.  I recommend skipping all of that.  If the kids really want to do something after you arrive, decide what’s most important and then invest in just that activity.  The whole thing is a bit of an overkill, in my opinion.
  5. Take a stroller if you have one.  We took our stroller into the water park and used it as a place to keep all of our gear before our room was available and after we checked out.  It’s a lot easier than trying to use their lockers.

I hope this helps!  Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips on maximizing the time/$ at Great Wolf Lodge.

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