How to hit your goals, and not let them slip through the cracks once again

How to hit your goals, and not let them slip through the cracks once again

Do you set goals and then quickly forget what you wanted to accomplish, falling back into old habits?

Do you make progress toward a goal, lose momentum and then give up?

I used to make my personal and business lists for the year in January and then I would get distracted by day-to-day ‘noise’ until November.  In November, I would panic that I only had a month left to achieve the goals (if I could even remember them at that point).

Do you ever do this to yourself?

I want to make this year different – a year that I set my goals and achieve them.  And, a year that what I achieve are the highest priorities, not just the day-to-day tasks.  I found a book called the 12 Week Year by Moran and Lennington.  It is a game-changer!

In a nutshell, it says 12 months is too long and that we should break down what we want to accomplish into 12 week sprints, just 90 days.  At the end of 12 weeks, take a week to celebrate, then reassess, reset your goals and start again.  To be successful:

  1. Clearly define the goal, including the steps (with dates for each) needed to achieve the goal.  Write it all down.
  2. Understand ‘why‘ you want to reach the goal.  How will you feel when you reach the goal?  How will you feel if you don’t reach the goal?
  3. Accountability – who will help you succeed in reaching the goal?  Who and what might sabotage your efforts?
  4. Scorecards – how will you measure your goal and what tools will you use to keep track?

I used the book’s concepts and some of my own to document my goals for the next 90 days.  I even got a little creative (rare for me) and pasted on some pictures so I could really visualize what I’m trying to achieve.

Next Steps: 

If you’re interested in this type of goal-setting, I created this template for you to use: Ultimate Goal Planner and Achievement Framework

So many of us have great intentions to put these systems in place but never do. Or, we try and they don’t stick. I can help. Click here to APPLY for a (no cost) Strategy Session with me. We’ll talk through what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s holding you back, and create an ACTION PLAN for you.

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