How to Eliminate Overwhelm

How to Eliminate Overwhelm

Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Steps (& a Cheat Sheet)


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  • What is Overwhelm
  • 3 Steps to Reduce Overwhelm
  • Download The “Reduce Your Overwhelm” Cheat Sheet
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Are You Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

So many of us are.

The funny thing about it is that this the word overwhelm almost sounds like a condition that is diagnosed.

It’s not a condition, or something that is done to us though. 

What I’ve learned about overwhelm from my coach Brooke Castillo has COMPLETELY CHANGED the way I look at overwhelm, and the way I manage it.

I want to share this game-changer with you.

What Is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm a feeling, or emotion, we create for ourselves by our thoughts about our circumstances. Brooke labels it an indulgent emotion. Indulgent emotions 

  • pretend to be necessary
  • pretend to be caused by things going on external to us (e.g. our HUGE to-do list)
  • they’re sneaky in that they seem to be natural consequence of what we have going on in our lives.

But indulgent emotions like overwhelm are feelings we create for ourselves.

The great news with that, is that we can change these feelings.

If it were simply a fact that we’re overwhelmed, we would be stuck.  But being overwhelmed is not a fact (although, believe me, I know it can 100% feel like a fact). Being overwhelmed is a thought we have about ourselves, and it can be changed. Such good news, right?

Let me explain how to get rid of this overwhelmed feeling (hint: it’s not about working harder or smarter).

How to Stop The Overwhelm

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can feel so persistent and pervasive, like you’re on a hamster wheel that won’t stop.

But it can stop.

Step #1 – Identify the Root Cause Of Your Overwhelm

The first step to stop feeling overwhelmed is to pinpoint the root cause of your overwhelm.

You might be thinking I’m crazy right now. Of course, it’s all the stuff you have to do and the time you need (and don’t have) to do it.

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

No, it’s not the to do list, or all the responsibilities, or the expectations from other people or even yourself.

It’s not the stuff to do.

Instead, it’s the thoughts running through our minds that make us feel overwhelmed. The overwhelm comes from our interpretation of what is going on in our life and around us.

Step #1 is to look for the thoughts that generate your feeling of overwhelm.

Start with what’s called a thought download. I do one of these every morning for 5 to 10 minutes. I get all my thoughts onto a piece of paper.

This process can be freeing in and of itself, just to know what’s going on in the brain and getting it out, can help to clear up the mind.

Then, look in this thought download for thoughts that look like themes or patterns.


  • I have too much to do
  • I’ll never get all of this done
  • There’s never enough time in the day, especially with all the meetings I have
  • My schedule can be so unpredictable

After step #1, you should have one or two thoughts that commonly generate your feeling of overwhelm. Write those down and highlight them.

Step #2 – Design Your Solution

So now that you know the one or two most common thoughts that lead to your feeling overwhelmed, (the root causes of your overwhelm), the next step is to define your solution.

To do this, you find a replacement thought that leads to a feeling that is opposite of overwhelm.

For example, you might think the following thoughts to generate a feeling that’s opposite of overwhelm:

  • I have just enough time to get the important stuff done (new feeling = confident)
  • I set aside the things on my list that don’t matter (new feeling = determined)
  • I’m someone who plans my day and works my plan (new feeling = perserverant)
  • When the day doesn’t go as I planned, I regroup and it doesn’t mean anything (new feeling = flexible)
  • Overwhelm serves no purpose (new feeling = calm)

Step #3 – Implement Your Solution

Now that you know the root cause thoughts that lead to you feeling overwhelmed, and you’ve designed your solution, the next step is to implement it.

Write out your new thoughts and practice them.

Adjust them if they don’t feel believable yet. For example, you might think “overwhelm serves no purpose today” instead of trying to shift to “overwhelm serves no purpose ever”.  That bigger thought might seem too big to think right now. Break it down to something you do believe.

Then, think this new thought on purpose. 

Think it every time you start to notice those thoughts that cause overwhelm creeping back in.

These 3 steps are the key

So that’s the 3 step system to stop feeling overwhelmed.

It takes some practice and some iteration. 

Just repeat the 3 steps each time you are feeling overwhelmed, until you can proactively manage it and stop it altogether.

I know this works because I’ve used this process to virtually eliminate my overwhelm.

I know you can too!

If you need some help figuring this out, book a complimentary strategy session with me. Here’s the link to my schedule.

I’m excited to hear how this works for you!


The Reduce Overwhelm Cheat Sheet

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Next Steps Take Action

  1. Download the “Reduce Overwhelm Cheat Sheet” (the box is right above this section, look up)
  2. Click here to join the conversation over at The Corporate Moms Club on Facebook
  3. Click here to apply for your (no cost) Strategy Session with me. This is the best way to dive into your goals, what’s holding you back, and to make an action plan to accomplish what you truly want.


In this post, we covered how to stop feeling overwhelmed:

  • What is Overwhelm
  • 3 Steps to Reduce Your Overwhelm
  • Download The “Reduce Your Overwhelm” Cheat Sheet (see the box right above this section if you missed it)

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The Reduce Overwhelm Cheat Sheet

Download the

Reduce Overwhelm Cheat Sheet

And start feeling better in no time.

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