The ONE Tool You Need to Stay On Track With a New Goal

Stay on Track and Consistent In This Post – How to Stay On Track with a New Goal Pin it for later Have you tried and failed to stay on track with a new habit? Why it’s hard to create a consistent new habit A secret tool to establish a new habit How to implement […]

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The Year of You Challenge

The Year of You Challenge: Make Your Goals Inevitable

Focus on You This Year In This Post Pin it for later Who Says It’s Selfish to Put Yourself First? What is the Year of You? How Will the Year of You Work? Next Steps to Take Action Who Says It’s Selfish to Put Yourself First? I recently wrote a blog about 30 Ways to […]

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how to manage time

Take Back Your Day

5 Steps to Do More of What Matters In This Post – How to Manage Time, To Get More of What Matters Most Done Pin it for later Can you relate to these scenarios related to how to manage time? What does it mean to take back your day? Why bother? 5 Steps to take […]

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The best Alexa skills for moms, to save time, get organized, keep the kids entertained, make dinner more easily, fit in a quick workout, and simplify.

Best Alexa Skills for Moms

50 Skills To Get the Most Out of Your Alexa In This Post  Pin it for later Do you have a smart speaker? My favorite skill Simplify dinner Remember all the groceries Make entertaining easier Make sure nothing falls off your to-do list or calendar Be prepared for the day Fit in a workout Be […]

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Ultimate GOALS PLANNER Step-By-Step Guide sm (1)

The Ultimate Goals Planner and Achievement Framework

How To Plan and Execute Your Best Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year In This Post Pin it for later This week’s post focuses on how to use the Crushing Motherhood comprehensive goals planner to achieve your short, medium and long term goals. This is the motherload for planning & achieving!!! The Bigger Picture Why […]

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How to Journal: Get Results Without Wasting Time

How to Use Journaling to Reach Your Goals In This Post Pin it for later The benefits of journaling How to journal What to write in your journal Why the questions you ask yourself matter (see the video on this) The answer to “are you kidding, who has time for this? Download the complimentary daily […]

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10 Easy Steps to Create a Weekly Schedule that Reduces Overwhelm

How to Reduce Overwhelm In This Post Pin it for later Why Take Time to Plan for the Week, to create a weekly schedule? The 10 Things to Include in an Effective Weekly Schedule and Plan Free download checklist to help you execute this weekly schedule and planning process Why Take Time to Create a […]

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Back to School Tips

6 Unique Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of Pin it for later In This Post Getting ready for school is more than buying clothes and school supplies. It’s an emotional time due to the transitions and an opportunity to put solid systems in place, to streamline the day-to-day. In this post, I share […]

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5 Keys to Accomplishing Goals in the Second Half of the Year

MAKE THIS YEAR COUNT Pin this for later In This Post If you’re like many of us, you don’t have time for leisurely reading. So, I’ll get right to it. In this post, you’ll find a quick guide to accomplishing goals in the 2nd half of the year: Can you believe the year is half-way […]

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Increase Productivity sm

The One Thing to Do Daily, To Increase Productivity and Results

Achieve Results on Auto-Pilot Pin it for later Do You Want To Increase Productivity But Feel It’s Virtually Impossible?  What does your day look like? Do you go from meeting to meeting, from activity to activity without having a lot of control over how your time is spent? Do you start off the day with […]

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Save Kids School Work - SW

How to Save Your Kid’s School and Art Work Without the Clutter (or Guilt)

Tips for Organizing School Papers and Art Pin it for later – Are you buried in an avalanche of artwork and school projects? The school year is out for some of us, and almost finished for others. Are you staring at a pile of artwork, special projects, and journals your kids brought home? I […]

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Design Your Best Summer Break - SM

6 Steps to Design A Summer Break to Remember

6 Steps to Thrive, Not Just Survive, This Summer! Does Summer Break Have You Panicking? Does this happen to you? You look forward to summer, then on the first day panic sets in? The kids start fighting, begging for screen time, and saying they’re bored. OH NO! You immediately start wondering how you’ll ever balance […]

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8 Tools to Automate Your Life - SM

8 Tools to Automate Your Life – Try These Life Hacks to Reduce the Time You Spend On The Mundane

Simplify All That You Do with These Life Hack Tools Would You Like To Simplify Your Responsibilities and the Time You Spend on the Mundane Each Day? Have you ever thought about those repeated tasks you do every day and every week and wondered if there’s a better, faster way to accomplish them? Or, do […]

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84 Ways to Automate Your Life sw (1)

84+ Ways to Automate Your Life

Eliminate and Reduce the Mundane Do you feel like the day-to-day responsibilities are overtaking you? Are you ever in the mood to just let it all go? The dishes are piling up, the mail is out-of-control, and the laundry is sitting in a massive pile on the dining room table? You’re out of milk, bread and […]

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The Mistake to Avoid When You Make a To Do List SM

The One Mistake to Avoid When You Make a To Do List

Make This Simple Adjustment To Exit the To-Do List Crazy Train Do You Feel Like You’ll Never Get Ahead? Do you start each day with a long to-do list? Do you feel deflated at the end of each day when you haven’t finished everything on your list? Are there days when you create a solid […]

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Monthly Goal-Getter Checklist (3)

The Monthly Kick-Off Kit: Make Massive Progress This Month

The Monthly Kick-Off Checklist   Look at the bottom of the post for a free Monthly Kick-Off Kit PDF template. Do you have a monthly kick-off process?   The start of a new month offers so many possibilities!  Do you have a monthly checklist, or monthly kick-off kit, that helps you to focus your efforts […]

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best photo apps for iphone - Crushing Motherhood

The 7 Best Photo Apps for iPhone (for non-photographers)

Get your photos ready for your annual family photo album quick and easy photo editor apps, to make your pictures photo album ready What Kind of Edits Do You Want to Make To Your Photos? Do you ever feel like editing your photos but there are so many apps, you’re not sure where to start? […]

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Family Photo Album - CrushingMotherhood

How To Create an Archival Quality Annual Photo Album

Capture The Year’s Best Photos and Memories So You Don’t Forget All Those Special Moments – Big and Small Pin it for later Download the checklist for later Those Photos Hanging Over Your Head Do you have piles of photos (virtual or printed) that you keep meaning to organize? Have you created scrapbooks or albums […]

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Habit Tracker Apps

8 Habit Tracker Apps: Improve Your Consistency to Reach Your Goals Faster

The Best Habit Tracker Apps advice to find the best habit tracker app, one that you will actually use Pin it to read later   Are you trying to build  some new habits this year? Have you set some big goals for yourself this year, but are already finding that you’re slipping into old habits? […]

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best organization apps

6 Best Organization Apps to Save Yourself Time and Frustration (plus they’re fun to use)

Top 6 Apps to Help You Get Organized This Year No time to read right now? Pin this to read later. Are You Ready To Get Organized? Are you ready to get organized this year? Do you have lists floating around everywhere –  notes in your phone, important info in your email, sticky notes all […]

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BHAG big hairy audacious goal

What is a BHAG and Why It Will Make a Huge Difference For You

How To Create a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) What’s your approach to goal-setting? How do you feel about setting goals? Are you a goal-fanatic, setting goals each year, quarter and month?  Or, do you avoid goals altogether, thinking “why bother?” I used to set goals regularly but then I took a long time off […]

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

What To Do When You’re Not Feeling Motivated: 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

How Can I Jump Start Myself To Get Motivated!? How to stop talking yourself out of your goals: 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Are you wondering how to motivate yourself? I’ve been getting questions on motivation lately. Students and followers are asking me things like: “I have this goal but I just can’t get myself […]

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What's the Best Planner IG

What’s the Best Planner?

  What is your Planner Personality type? How to choose a planner you will actually use. 6 OPTIONS to customize your approach to getting organized in 2018. Do you buy a planner at the beginning of every year? Are you so excited at the prospect of starting a new year with a renewed focus on […]

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3 Steps to Get Control of Your Holiday Shopping

3 Steps to Get Control of Your Holiday Shopping List

Save Time and Money + Make This Christmas Less Stressful How do you usually feel over the month of December? Full of holiday joy or simply exhausted from the explosion that happens on your to-do list? There is so much extra on our plates – shopping, cooking, parties and that d@mn elf on the shelf. […]

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Mom’s Guide to Surviving Halloween: 5 Tips to Minimize the Meltdowns and Have a Fun Halloween This Year

A Moms Guide to Surviving Halloween. 5 Tips to Avoid Halloween Meltdowns, Candy Overload, and Costume Emergencies. Try these 5 tips to survive Halloween and make some awesome memories with your kids. I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween.  It can be stressful! It can be fun and (relatively) stress-free if you plan ahead. I’m […]

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Automate and optimize your to-do list and stop important tasks from falling through the cracks.

5 Simple Tips to Automate and Optimize Your To-Do List

Easy tips to keep track of all the to-dos that pile up Organize and keep track of it all in a simple way that quickly becomes a habit. Automate and optimize your to-do list and stop important tasks from falling through the cracks. Do you feel like you get nothing done and you’re spinning your […]

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An easy way to get control of your to-do list: The best apps for getting control of your out-of-control list

An easy way to manage your to-do list and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, a great tool to make sure you’re working on the highest priorities first. Are you drowning in to-dos? Is stuff falling through the cracks? Do you have lists everywhere — on your phone, on your calendar, and on […]

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Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You

4 Steps to Finish the Year Strong and Avoid the Year-End and Holiday Frenzy (plus a list of 25 ideas to jump start your plan)

It’s already October and we’re quickly coming to the end of the year and into the holiday season.  How does the year typically end for you?  Peace and accomplishment or chaos and stress? This post provides 4 steps to finish the year strong and avoid the year-end and holiday frenzy. Read to the end for 25 […]

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miracle morning

Some tools to assist with the “Miracle Morning”

In my last blog post, I talked about the concept of a Miracle Morning (a book by Hal Elrod).  Here are some tools I’ve found that help with the routine Hal recommends.  I’ve combined the apps I mention below into a folder on my phone called ‘Miracle Morning’.  I’ve arranged them in the order that I use them in the […]

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How To Get Control of Your To Do List (1)

How to Get Control of Your To-Do List, Instead of It Controlling You

How to keep your to-do list from overwhelming you and from things falling through the cracks. I hope your goals for the year are going well and you’re making steady progress toward them!  I want to share a tool that I have used consistently (almost daily) for the last 4 years.  It’s called Toodledo and […]

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5-yr-memory book

Here’s an idea for easily capturing the day-to-day memories

Do your kids say something funny and you forget before you have a chance to write it down? Do you keep meaning to write down your kid’s milestones but lose track? I love my kid’s funny sayings, crazy antics and all their milestones.  It’s just so hard to keep track of it all, and write it […]

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