Hi, I’m Melisa Liberman. I’m a productivity and success coach who helps other ambitious working moms create the routines and systems required to achieve all they want in business, with their families and for themselves.

I am also a former corporate executive, current part-time management consultant, mom to 3 young boys, and military wife (wow, that’s a mouthful).

My passion has always been mentoring and leadership. That’s one of the reasons why I love productivity and success coaching so much.

A few fun facts:

  • I’m a Colorado native who grew up on a 5th generation cattle ranch.
  • My favorite place we lived is Hawaii (Oahu).
  • Sometimes I forget to take my own advice and life turns chaotic.
  • Before kids, we traveled extensively, to 22 countries and over 58 cities. My favorite destination is hard to choose – I’d say it’s either Greece or Austria.


My career has been focused on identifying and diagnosing challenges, and then designing and implementing solutions to address those challenges.

I have a passion for sharing these techniques with other corporate and entrepreneur moms who are trying to do it all. I use many of the same techniques for my coaching clients, as I did for my Fortune 500 clients.

We work together to:

  • Identify challenge areas
  • Design solutions for each challenge
  • Build the mindset required to overcome obstacles
  • Set up the accountability needed for success, and
  • Make it happen

I work best with moms who are:

  • Ambitious
  • Goal-getters
  • Solution-seekers
  • Jugglers (you know what I mean….juggling lots of responsibilities)
  • Coachable
  • Looking to up level their life

I love working with other moms because

I help my clients using the proven methodologies that have worked for 20+ years of my career, both with my Fortune 500 clients as well as the 100s of people I’ve managed and led.

And, on a personal level, I can truly relate to the challenges of juggling a career, a side business, kids, a husband, and all those home responsibilities (I can’t wait to share my laundry shortcuts with you….they horrify my mom but save me sooooo much time).


My coaching style is results-oriented. I have a process and a system that I personalize for each client’s goals.

We work through a step-by-step process to:

  • Identify the challenges you want to tackle
  • Define the outcomes you want to achieve
  • Understand the root cause of why you haven’t been able to consistently address the challenge before
  • Develop a detailed plan to accomplish the outcomes you’ve defined
  • Drive consistency and results

I focus on – partnering with my clients until they achieve the results they want.


I welcome you to schedule a free 30 minute mini session with me. You’ll experience my style. We’ll get to know each other, to determine if we will be a good fit working together. Click this link to find a time on my calendar that fits into your schedule: