84+ Ways to Automate Your Life

84+ Ways to Automate Your Life

Eliminate and Reduce the Mundane

84 Ways to Automate Your Life



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Do you feel like the day-to-day responsibilities are overtaking you?

Are you ever in the mood to just let it all go? The dishes are piling up, the mail is out-of-control, and the laundry is sitting in a massive pile on the dining room table?

You’re out of milk, bread and eggs with no time to go to the store, your email inbox is growing larger on a daily basis, and you’ve taken amazing photos but never printed them. And, you’re worried your photos will be lost the next time your phone falls in the toilet….I mean gets wet.

Have you ever thought there might be a simpler way to get this all done?

I know there’s a lot of advice out there to minimalize, to cut back and not take on so much. I’m guessing most of them aren’t ambitious moms like you and I. 

Of course, there are definitely things we can cut out of the schedule, the routine, and our expectations of ourselves and the family. No question.

But, even after that exercise, we’re left with a massive list of responsibilities that simply need to be done at some point.

Try automating and simplifying

Have you ever looked at your daily, weekly, and monthly lists and taken a step back to figure out how to do this stuff smarter?

You’ve heard that before, I’m sure…work smarter not harder.

By taking a step away from the way you’ve always done things, to look at them differently, you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish faster and even better, by trying it a different way.

Do you think I’m crazy?

Are you thinking I’m crazy and nothing can automate or simply all those things on your long list? 

Obviously, not everything can be automated. And some of the things you don’t want to automate. For example, I would never want to automate my kid’s bedtime routine. Even though it can be frustrating at times when they’re not cooperating, I wouldn’t trade that special one-on-one time for anything.

But, there are many things that we all do over and over again, that can be automated. We get so used to them that we don’t even stop to think there could be a better way.

For example,

  • What about all the time you spend on laundry?
  • What about constantly searching for event information and invites? You thought you saved the paper or the electronic info somewhere you thought you could easily find but then can’t remember when you need it? That ends up wasting so much time and is so frustrating. If you do that a few times a year, the time spent can really add up.
  • What about keeping all your travel information (flights, hotel, activities, meeting agendas, etc) in one consolidated (and automatically generated) place?
  • What about organizing and printing those amazing photos you take but never seem to get around to doing anything with them?
  • Keeping track of what you’re spending, to make sure the charges on our credit card statements are correct and we’re ready for tax season in advance without scrambling?

It’s a fun and simple process to identify what to automate 

Use the worksheet I’ve created for you (the box to download is at the bottom of this post), to identify two buckets of tasks.

Keep this worksheet on your desk or kitchen counter for a week. List out everything as it comes to your mind, even if you don’t think you could ever automate or simplify it. Remember, there’s never a wrong answer in brainstorming.

First, brainstorm the following:

  • Tasks You Complete Repeatedly
  • Tasks You Don’t Like To Do

Identify repeated tasks by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What tasks always take longer than they should?
  2. What do I dread doing every time I need to do it?
  3. What tasks have multiple steps?
  4. Am I always searching for something in particular (physically searching or online)?
  5. What tasks do I complete over and over again?

Create an action plan

Next, figure out your plan of attack. Look at each item on your two lists and figure out what you can automate or simplify.

Highlight the items you think you could automate. 

DON’T cross off the other items even if you think automation isn’t possible. It might be….just leave those for later so you can complete the low hanging fruit first.

Then, rank the items in order of priority based on which will impact you the most.

Tackle a few of these each month.

You’ll have all those repeated tasks running on auto-pilot and you’ll notice a huge difference in no time.

I’d love to hear your results. Drop me a comment and let me know what you’ve automated AND anything you’ve tried to automate but haven’t quite solved yet. I’d be happy to share any solutions I have for those!



I'll also add to you to my weekly Mother Crusher Guide, which has tips for busy moms like you. I won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

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