8 Habit Tracker Apps: Improve Your Consistency to Reach Your Goals Faster

8 Habit Tracker Apps: Improve Your Consistency to Reach Your Goals Faster

The Best Habit Tracker Apps

advice to find the best habit tracker app, one that you will actually use

Habit Tracker Apps

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Are you trying to build  some new habits this year?

Have you set some big goals for yourself this year, but are already finding that you’re slipping into old habits?

Making lasting change can be a challenge.

One way to overcome our tendency to hold onto old habits is to keep a scorecard for yourself. Set up the habits that you want to track, and then track them on a daily basis.

There are some great habit tracker apps to help you implement this idea and make it fun.Habit Tracker App

But first, before I get to the habit tracker app conversation, let me give you an example of how habit tracking can work. 

Here’s an example of how this works…and if this approach works for a 7 year old boy, it should work for almost anyone.

Let me give you a fun example of how this can work for anyone, even our kids. I really blew a gasket last year after re-washing my son’s clean clothes for the 4th week in a row. You see, he was constantly throwing clean clothes on the floor. He would try them on in the morning rush and toss them on the floor when he decided he didn’t want to wear them.

As an aside, I thought boys would be much easier when it comes to clothes than girls. Wow, was I wrong (at least with my oldest).  He’s not picky about how he looks, but he’s very particular about how the clothes feel and how they will function when he’s running on the playground.

Anyway, back to my story.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about with this issue of clean clothes constantly ending up in the dirty clothes hamper. I finally had enough.

He and I talked it over and agreed that one of his goals each day would be to keep his closet floor picked up. That meant no clean or dirty clothes lying on the floor at any time of day, even if he was in a rush and planned to do it later.

I set him up on my iPhone habit tracker app (more on that in a minute), and told him he could use my phone for 5 minutes each evening to check-in.

I figured the novelty would wear off eventually (like after 3 days) and he would revert back. 

Miraculously, he is still going strong and it’s been 4 months! (Full disclosure – I’m sure sometimes he still puts clean clothes in the hamper to keep his floor clean but for the most part, he puts the clean clothes back on the shelf!  #winning).

This approach to building new habits will work for you too

If a 7 year old boy can find build a new habit, any of us can! The key is to make it into a game.

The game , which is using a habit tracker app, can either be with yourself or if you need some extra support, you can set it up with an accountability buddy.

The best habit tracker app for your personality

Here are some great apps to use for tracking habits. Each has a slightly different approach, so let’s find the one that’s best for you.

Note: this habit tracker app list is based on what I use from the App store but most should be available for Android as well.

Way of Life  

This is the habit tracker app I use and I love it. 

  • Set up the habits you want to track 
  • Get daily reminders to check in
  • See your trends for the past 6 weeks (I ❤ graphs).
  • It’s simple to set-up and use


This is another great habit tracker app.  It’s more detailed than Way of Life and a good way to monitor progress against your goals, as well as your habits. (Actually, now that I was looking at it just now, I am tempted to start using it again. It’s got a lot of great features).

  • Capture your goals and the habits you need to reach them. Includes info such as start date, end date, and days of the week you plan to accomplish the habit.
  • Pre-set templates to easily set up your habits and goals (examples: exercise, lose weight, wake up early, floss)
  • Capture a goal streak



This is a great habit tracker app for you if you like to share with an accountability partner.

  • Set up your daily habits, with their name, frequency, and reminder if you want one
  • Share the habits with friends so you can keep each other accountable
  • Track your habits and see your progress in a great visual interface



This is a great app for anyone who needs some extra skin in the game, to complete their habits.

  • Set up your habits (they call them commitments)
  • Put in the details of your commitments – frequency, deadline, etc
  • Report in
  • Set up stakes – so you can put money on the line if you don’t complete your commitments.
  • I know there are some diet-specific apps out there similar to this but this one is more universal for any type of commitment/habit you want to make.



This habit tracker app is slightly different than the habit tracker apps listed above.  It’s a way to keep yourself on track when you need to complete important tasks.

  • This is a timer app that tracks your focus for each day.
  • You can set up the length of your work intervals (it defaults to 25 minutes which is a great number for many of us who are moms. I’m so lucky to get 25 minutes of uninterrupted work done. Is it the same for you?
  • Set your target # of intervals to work each day
  • Then, when you’re ready to work, hit the timer and it will count down for you. It creates a great sense of urgency to finish tasks faster than you might otherwise.
  • It tracks the # of intervals you complete each day, and gives you some graphs to see your progress.

Alexa HabitLog

I haven’t tried this habit tracker app yet (we finally broke down and have an Alexa on the way), but it looks promising.

  • Add new habits to Alexa and then log the habit each day.
  • Alexa will keep track of the streak and let you know how many days in a row you’ve logged your habit.
  • Sounds like fun!

Kid-specific habit apps

Even though I use one of my habit tracker apps for my oldest, there are some specific kid-specific tracker apps that I’ve started exploring. The 2 best kid-specific habit tracker apps that I’ve found so far are:

Privilege Points 

A friend found this one and pointed me to it recently. It’s great so far.

  • You can set up responsibilities by child, including # of points for each
  • Set up the privileges they can earn and the # of points each requires



Note: that’s not a misspelled word, strangely the app is called Mothershp without the i.

  • This app is very similar to Privilege Points. It also includes a fun wheel the kids get to spin when they finish their day’s list. My son hasn’t won anything on the wheel yet but he likes spinning it.
  • Instead of having one app where you can set up and track everything, they split it into 2. ChoreMonster is for the kids to check-in. Mothershp is where you set up the rules and you can approve their chores if you want.
  • I like the chore approval feature because my oldest seems to get happy clicking even when something isn’t finished.
  • I’ve noticed the apps are a little harder to use though, and glitchy, compared to Privilege Points.

Next steps

Download the habit tracker app that looks like it will work best for you, and give it a try. If you find you’re not logging in and sticking with it, try a different one until you find the habit tracker app that works best for you and your style.

If you can find that app that helps you with your consistency, you’ve won more than half the battle of reaching your goal. And to add some extra encouragement — if a 7 year old can use this technique to keep his closet clean, I think it can work for all of us!

Other apps to try

If this post was helpful for you to find a habit tracker app, download this list of 50 of the best apps to help manage your life. There are some great apps in the list ranging from

  • saving money
  • exercise
  • meal planning
  • inspiration 
  • learning
  • organization
  • planning
  • and more.

List of 50 Best Apps to Manage Your Life

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