21 Days of Family Gratitude – A Project for the Whole Family

Shift the family focus from candy and gifts to gratitude with this 21 Day Family Gratitude Challenge

Start a family gratitude practice in time for the holidays

Shift the family focus from candy and gifts to gratitude with this 21 Day Family Gratitude Challenge

Do you notice this time of year is especially challenging to get the kids (and yourself) to focus on being grateful? Help Kids Appreciate the Holidays

For the kids, they can be so focused on counting their Halloween candy, who got more candy, and who got the best candy. 

Then, the kids turn their attention to their Christmas lists and what Christmas presents they really ‘must’ have.  My two-year old is even asking to add toys to his Amazon list.  Craziness!

Are you also having a challenge with being grateful each day?  I will admit it’s a bit difficult for me to have a grateful mindset when there are so many activities, so much extra to get done, so many requests coming my way, and the weather is getting colder.

But it’s November.  It’s the month of Thanksgiving for those of us in the U.S.  It’s the perfect time to reignite a practice of gratitude and build it into a habit for these winter months. Build Gratitude before the holidays

So, I started thinking.  I could recommend (and re-start myself), journaling out our gratitudes each day.  But that didn’t quite spark my motivation.

Then it came to me.  How awesome would it be to start a 21 Family Gratitude Challenge? (The key word in this challenge is ‘family’, it’s a family project.)  What am I talking about specifically?

  • Each night at dinner, go around the table and ask each family member what they were grateful for that day.
  • Write each person’s answer down.
  • Have a conversation about it.  Put away the electronics.Teaching kids to be grateful
  • Repeat this for 21 days (and longer if you’d like).
  • Then, when you’re finished with your 21 days, find a great time to read all of it back to the family. For example, read it at the Thanksgiving 🍗table, to remind everyone of the great month you all had.
  • This would be a fun Challenge for December as well, leading up to Christmas! 🎄🎁

To make this challenge simple, I’ve created a 21 Day Gratitude Journal for you.  Here’s the free download:

The 21 Day Gratitude Journal

What do you think?  Does this sound like something that would be great for you and your family?  Have you tried this type of gratitude challenge before?  What were the results? 

Drop me a comment below or on Facebook, to let me know if you are going to hop into the Challenge.

Also, check the Crushing Motherhood Facebook and Instagram pages for daily gratitude posts starting 11/3 through Thanksgiving, Thursday, 11/23. 

I hope this can become a gratitude movement!  Share this post with your friends if you think they’d like to participate in the challenge with us! 

The 21 Day Gratitude Journal
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