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I spent 15 years in corporate America, devoting all my energy to my career and the success of the start-up software company I was helping to build.  My husband and I focused on ‘living’ in the three weeks a year when we would go on vacation.

Then one day we decided it was time to start a family.  Everything changed as we had 1, then 2 and finally 3 boys.  I wanted to focus on spending time with them, and climbing the corporate ladder gradually seemed less and less important.

Now I work part-time from home and arrange my schedule around the boys.  I used to judge other moms for making such a “non-ambitious choice” (keeping it real….these were the destructive words in my head from that time, not anymore).  Now I embrace this new life.

I have found that I’m always trying to ‘get it together.’  Time and time again, I come up with amazing plans from Pinterest and then fall short on execution.  But I’ve embraced the concept of ‘progress over perfection’ and have used that mantra to make a lot of progress in all areas of my life.

This blog is dedicated to other moms who are trying to ‘get it together’, moms who are successful in many areas of their life, but also strive to improve and accomplish more.

I love sharing what I learn through this journey, including what actually works well and what doesn’t.  My hope is that other moms might relate to the struggles and find my advice useful in reaching their own goals and  dreams.

Melisa Liberman Founder

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